Crack NEET PG in 6 Months.

Is it possible to crack NEET PG in 6 Months?
It is quite possible to crack NEET PG in 6 months. In fact, NEET PG preparation should be done in 6 months only if you have already built good concepts in MBBS days. Stretching the preparation to more than 6 months can be straining, frustrating and focus disturbing for some people at times. Dr. Apoorva Mehra, a renowned national level faculty of Orthopedics says clearly in one of his interviews that NEET PG preparation is actually a game of 6 months only. So, yes NEET PG can be and should be cracked in 6 months.

How to crack NEET PG in 6 months? What are the points to remember for preparation?

  1. Collect proper sources:- Sources collection is an essential part of NEET PG preparation. AS far as time is concerned, notes are the only source a student can afford to read. Notes can be bought online from prepladder’s official website. Prepladder. ? Why? Personally I believe that prepladder notes are very concise and handy and very well organised. Once read carefully, these notes are very easy to revise and you will surely find tremendous value in these notes. No other set of notes will wver compete with prepladder notes for fast preparation. Never make mistake of reading DAMS printed notes OR Marrow notes because these are very unorganised notes and you will not be able to remember anything after investing 6 months of your precious time. So, go with PREPLADDER notes.
  2. Mark Important Topics:- You should mark all the important topics in your notes itself and never go outside your notes for important topics. List of important topics can be found from many youtube videos and by google search also. moreover, with time when you will be solving MCQs, you will definitely come across repeat topics and by this way you will eventually and gradually come to know about important topics.
  3. Make a Schedule:- Now, it is the time to make a proper schedule for the next 6 months that how many days will you spend on each subject. Your first reading should complete by the end of 3 months. I shall post a separare article on revision schedule.
  4. Revisions:- Now, how many revisions are a must? I would say that, you should do at least 3 revisions before going to the examination hall. Plan your schedule accordingly and stick to it.
  5. Time Table:- Make a time table in the beginning of the day and set your goals for the day in the morning itself. This will reduce anxiety as well as will keep you moving throughout the day. You will have a plan in your mind about what you have to do after one topic is complete. So, you must understand the importance of daily time table.
  6. Question Practice:- “Questions can be dealt with questions only” One of my seniors used to repeatedly tell me this line. Later on I understood the value in his saying. Practicing the questions is the only way to definitely succeed in this exam. So start your day with the questions in the morning. A daily practice of solving 40-60 questions daily with revision is a must, and a definite way to success.
  7. Tests:- Regularly giving subject wise tests is also very important, This will test the level of your prepration for a particular subject.
  8. Grand Test:- Give One Grand Test every week. If you ask me one question that How to get through NEET PG with a good rank? My answer shall go as:- Give One Grand Test every week. Grand Tests will help you test your overall preparation, your preparation in comparison to your competitors and will give you a real exam feel and will increase your capability on focussiong the questions for longer period thereby, decreasing the chances of making silly mistakes in the exam.

That is all on How to prepare for NEET PG in 6 months. Follow the steps above and you will definitely succeed.

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