Healthy Food For Hostel Students | 8 Healthy Options

What are the options for Healthy Food For Hostel Students

What are the options for Healthy Food For Hostel Students?

Hostel life is a life that you get if you are very fortunate. Because you get a chance to move out of your home and comfort zone to get to know the world and experience the people outside. Not everyone gets to experience this beautiful period of life. Though, there are challenges that make you feel home sick and make you realise the importance of comfort and security that you get at your home. One of such challenges is the availability and quality of food that you get in the hostel, away from home. What are the options for Healthy Food For Hostel Students and how to get Healthy Food For Hostel Students?

Healthy Food For Hostel Students

Food is life. You are what you eat.

There is nothing more important than food, not just because we cannot live without it, but because food makes you feel good.

A hungry man does not like anything no matter how beautiful or mesmerising it is.

A hungry man does not even like parents who are most important individuals in his/her life. So, food makes world palatable to you.

You cannot achieve big dreams when your stomach is empty. So, again saying that, food is life.

Hostel life has an integral issue of good food which is usually not available easily or it is very much resource consuming and not sustainable.

Here is a list of 8 healthy food for hostel students options that are easy to cook and easily available-


You will be surprised to know that you can easily prepare a sandwich for your breakfast with the electric press. Take two pieces of bread and chose your filling from peanut butter to cheese slices, wrap them in an aluminium foil and iron from both sides for 2-3 minutes. Your easy sandwich is ready.

2. Noodles

Noodles are the most famous food prepared in an electric kettle. Just add some water, instant noodles and tastemaker in your kettle and stir occasionally. Make sure you switch off the kettle while stirring if you don’t want to get an electric shock and also you clean the kettle well if you don’t want to buy a new one.


Coffee is another thing you can prepare in electric kettle just by adding some milk sugar and coffee powder on a cold winter night or to keep you awake during studies. Just a little effort and you have a refreshing cup of coffee and don’t forget cleaning the kettle immdiately.


Just cut a packet of instant soup and pour in your kettle with some water mix well and stir occasionally. Your tasty and healthy soup is ready. If you have a cuppa soup then all you need is hot water from the kettle. Just mix it in the readymade powder and your soup is ready.

5.Boiled Eggs

It is very important to have proteins if you are living in hostel and not taking a proper diet. What can be better source than boiled eggs? Just add a few eggs along with water in your kettle and enjoy the health benefits of it in your hostel room.


Want to munch on something for an evening snack. Then bhel is your solution with a warm cup of tea. Just add readymade murmura, chopped onion, tomato, green chilli and some cumin powder, black pepper and salt in a bowl, mix it and enjoy. You can also add some crushed potato chips or packed mixture for more taste.

7.Fruit Chaat

Fruit chat is a perfect no-cook healthy recipe you can prepare in your hostel room. Chop all the fruits like apple, banana, guava or available fruits that you have and sprinkle some chaat masala, black pepper and salt and enjoy a bowl full of nutrients.


Sattu is a dry powdered mixture prepared from roasted gram flour. You can easily make it a morning breakfast by just mixing 2 tablespoons of sattu with some water and sugar in a grass. You can also make it salty as per your taste by adding salt instead of sugar and add some more taste to it with roasted cumin powder and few drops of lemon juice. It is the best protein drink that you can think of at an unimaginably reasonable cost.

Here is a list of 8 healthy food for hostel students options that are easy to cook and easily available as described above. I hope you’ll like and find value in this article.

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