Next Exam Pattern

Next Exam Pattern

NEXT exam pattern can be understood from the folllowing reading-

NEXT will comprise of two parts: Theory (NEXT-1) and practical (NEXT-2). Theory questions will be multiple choice questions (MCQs). NEXT-1 will be conducted after final year MBBS, before internship. After passing NEXT-1 students will start internship. Those who manage to pass theory (i.e. NEXT-1) will have to clear NEXT-2, the practical test, separately at the end of internship. The score obtained in NEXT-1 will help you to gain a PG seat after internship. Follow below structure to understand national exit test syllabus strategy.

NEXT-2 will be a pass/ fail type of exam. Marks in NEXT-2 will not contribute to PG seats allocation. Thus NEXT-1 will be a qualifying as well as competitive exam.

There will be unlimited attempts in NEXT exam. Score of NEXT-1 exam will be valid for 2 to 3 years for the purpose of PG Entrance ranking.

  • NExT examination for MBBS will be held for 3 days
  • The examination paper for NExT entrance is divided into 6 parts
  • Every day consists of a morning pre-lunch session of 3 hours and an afternoon post-lunch session of 1.5 hours
  • NExT 1 exam will contain MCQs whereas NExT 2 will be an oral and practical examination
  • NExT 1 will be online procured and NExT 2 will be offline
  • The total duration of exams will be 13 hours 30 minutes (4.5 hours/day)
  • The NEET test will be held in offline mode. (PEN & PAPER MODE)

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