When to start NEET PG preparation? What is the Perfect Time for preparing for NEET PG?

When to start NEET PG preparation? What is the Right Time for preparing for NEET PG?
The answer to this question is very subjective as the question itself is very vague and one answer cannot be applied to all the students. So, answer to this question has more than one dimension and no set of rules can be generalized on NEET PG aspirants. Let’s see the different scenarios one by one below.

neet pg preparation
NEET PG preparation

When to start NEET PG preparation? What is the Right Time for preparing for NEET PG?

1. Third Year of MBBS is the perfect time for NEET PG oriented preparation.

  • By the time a medical student has reached third year of MBBS, he/she has covered the basic sciences which form the basis of all the clinical subjects.
  • Moreover, in Third year a student is more mature and starts understanding the values of Medicine, Dedication, hard work, his/her own responsibilities and the invaluable Time passing by and this understanding starts driving the student towards achieving something valuable which makes Third year of MBBS a good time to start preparing for NEET PG.
  • From third year on, clinical subjects like Internal Medicine, General Surgery, OBG, Pediatrics and short subjects come into play along with their theoretical and clinical parts. The knowledge of basic sciences and clinical exposure has an impact in generating Interest of a Medical student in the mesmerizing world of Medicine.
  • Most of the students start preparing in Third year which creates a sense of competition in the minds of medical students and moreover, company of friends who are preparing for NEET PG derives other students to start learning for NEET PG.
  • Ample amount of time is still there left for appearing into NEET PG Exam which if utilized properly can prove out to be a true help in NEET PG preparation.

These are some good reasons as to why Third year of MBBS is the perfect time for NEET PG preparation.

Note:- Long period of time left after Third year acts as a double edged sword which can make the student lazy and procrastinating eventually causing the aspirant to fail.

2. Starting in fourth year for NEET PG preparation.

  • Fourth year again, is a good time for starting NEET PG oriented preparation but one must take into consideration a few points:-
  • There is two years of time left for appearing into NEET PG if one starts in fourth year beginning so here the student has to adopt an aggressive strategy as he/she has to study MCQ oriented, theory oriented, attend clinical hours and go through an exhaustive number of vivas and theory and practical exams in Fourth year.
  • Internship may also at times be very hectic and time and energy consuming. So, using every second of your life and following an aggressive strategy becomes very very essential at this point of time.

Anyways, syllabus can be completed and revised easily and a TOP Class preparation can be done while starting NEET PG preparation in fourth year if one uses the right approach.

Note:- Because the time is less and work is more in Fourth year nad Internship, sometimes it might be difficult to execute the plans effectively eventually resulting in sub-optimal results.

3. Starting in Internship for NEET PG preparation.

  • Internship is probably the most beautiful time for PG preparation provided you have your concepts clear from the Undergraduate days and you have read all the standard textbooks with good understanding.
  • In fact, many of the toppers tell in their interviews that they started preparing in the internship and scores amazing ranks.
  • “All thanks to their hardwork during undergraduate years”
  • “If you don’t have proper conceptual knowledge of all the subjects, your chances of getting through are SLIM. This is an eye opening sentence rather than a Demotivation and You Must Remember that Exceptions are Everywhere.”
  • This is because in most of the Medical Colleges in India Internships are very hectic and time consuming and work load in the hospitals is so high that you seldom get a time for yourself to study and eventually you are left with no choice other than dropping another year.

4. Preparing for NEET PG in drop year.

  • One complete year for you to prepare for NEET PG. Chances of getting through the grueling competition in NEET PG increase a lot if one manages to dedicate one complete year to NEET PG preparation.
  • There are a number of strategies available on the internet on how to prepare during drop year for NEET PG and to be honest, drop year is a great time for executing all your plans, exceed your limits and excel in the final test.
  • More than 75% of NEET PG aspirants who clear the exam are droppers actually. So, don’t feel inferior if you are a dropper Rather feel happy that it is your turn now and stay positive and oriented to the goal.
  • Drop year is a Do or Die kind of situation which comes out to be very-very stressful at times because of Hustle between Time Management and Syllabus Completion. I, myself am a dropper and I have seen the stressful period of drop year and so I believe I can tell in an authentic manner.
  • Every second minute you think that it is not going to happen but you still have to keep going till you goal for the day is complete. This is the beauty of drop year preparation for NEET PG.

Note:- People who repeat he same mistakes as those fo undergraduate times are bound to perish.

5. First year MBBS and NEET PG preparation.

For first year, NEET PG PREPARATION = BUILDING CONCEPTS. This is the best a First year Medical student can do as far as NEET PG preparation is concerned. Following points can be followed for building concepts:-

  • Read standard textbooks:- The habit of reading standard text books written by best authors should be followed. This will create less confusion, build clearer concepts and will prove to be of great value in long term.
  • Attend all classes:- Most of the learning takes place in the classroom, so, attending classes is a must in first year. Attending classes will stimulate the student to study along with keeping the attendance high.
  • Have a knowledge based attitude:- Try to learn out of every opportunity you get, be it Dissection hall, Lecture Theater, Specimen Museum or practical class. Every effort you put in keeping your attitude positive and knowlegdeable will pay you at some time in future.
  • MCQs solving: First year MBBS students should focus more on concept building and professional exams. Anyways, if you get time to solve some MCQs, do solve them keeping the source authentic and try to solve only those MCQs which have been previously asked in the NEET PG exam.

Note:- So, it is not wrong to say that NEET PG preparation starts from the very first day of your college.

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