How to Crack NEET PG in First Attempt

How to Crack NEET PG in first attempt

  • What is expected from you in the exam?
  • A candidate should be able to answer basic concepts of MBBS right from First year through the Internship, Emergency scenarios and some complex questions from different subjects. The important topics remain more or less the same over coming years.
  • Introspect yourself at regular intervals that whether my strategy is working for me or not and make necessary corrections at regular intervals for your study plan.
  • Compare yourself with your competitors through mock tests and group discussions. This will help you analysing your preparation and introspecting your study plan. In this way you will never loose your focus.
  • Outline the syllabus and choose wisely the sources from which you will study. Never change your sources for a particular subject once you have chosen and studied it for a considerable period of time. Never waste time in looking for newer and better sources again and again; remember that whatever you have chosen once and studied it repeatedly is the best for you.
  • Make schedule for the coming week as well as for the month. Set appropriate goals.
  • Also make daily time table and stick to it.
  • Take the exam easy and remember that consistency is the key. Study daily for a number of days and take a day off whenever you feel like that yes, now I have covered a lot of syllabus, Let’s take a break.
  • Take breaks while studying for a couple of minutes like every 30-45 minutes and then start again.

How much Study is okay during preparation?

  • Studying 7-9 hours daily will serve your purpose if you are fully engrossed in your studies. Spending quality time with your books will lead to productive learning. Switch off your phone, close the door if required to ensure zero disturbance while you study.
  • Revision is the key to success. “Revise Revise and Revise”

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