NEET PG preparation, DAMS vs DBMCI, Which is best?

DAMS and DBMCI are two leading coaching institutes for NEET PG entrance exam.

First of all, I am not a representative of any institute and is this post is not a marketing post for any institute. I believe myself to be an authentic writer/advisor for this question because I have attended the classes of both the institutes and I have closely interactd with the faculties of both these institutes. Let us see the pros and cons of both the institutes one by one.

DAMS:- Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences.

Pros of DAMS coaching

  • Faculty – Like all other online and offline coaching institutes, DAMS also has separate specialist techer for each subject. All the teachers are experts in their field and they are excellent teachers and many of them are authors of well-known text books too. Teachers are quite a lot interactive through facebook DAMS group as well as they also interact quite a lot during live classes.
  • Lectures – DAMS offers offline lectures at various centres across many cities in India. Lectures are delivered by expert faculties and syllabus is covered in first 6 months of the year. The frequency of lectures is every week and three or four days are reserved for the live classes i.e, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Every week one subject is covered.
  • Study Material – Study material provided by DAMS is very – very extensive through both offline and online portal which is not a good news and so student has to be very wise regarding choosing the sources for studying for NEET PG. The material is designed by the faculty members and a team of previous year toppers. and the material includes Notes, Question bank, Previous year papers, Flash cards, DAMS DVT and many other small and large courses available in offline and online platforms. In short, DAMS is no short of study material.
  • Student Support – DAMS has a good student support in form of query answering through Facebook DAMS group as well as by teachers during live offline classes.

CONS of DAMS coaching

  • Classes – It is virtually impossible to cover one subject in a matter of three days or so. I believe this is a total blunder. It takes years to master one subject and no one is this world can teach a subject in three days. At the same time it is impractical to study for whole day long for 12 – 14 hours continuously. This is not learning BUT I would like to call it Donkey Labour. One alternative to live classes is the online video lectures for every subject which can be watched when and where required by the student.
  • I’ve come across many of my colleagues and juniors and myself also who continuously keep on complaining about long senseless classes. This is the reason why I left DAMS after attending a few classes.
  • Faculty – All the faculties are extremely good teachers and demonstrators with an inimitable in depth knowledge about the subject. But a few teachers are very notorious as they involve business strategies into coaching and misguide the students a lot about study techniques. They brainwash the students to follow blindly their study material which is no better than a blog post on the internet, means it is just another piece of information. One of these notorious teachers is Dr. Sumer Sethi who often demotivates the students to follow his not so good notes and often discourages the students not to read Review Books written by National Level Faculty. He misguides a lot about almost everything.
  • Study material – The study material provided by DAMS is very extensive and very disorganised. One cannot understand the category of topics and hence, one cannot mindmap the things. The DAMS notes are definitely the worst Notes I have ever seen. I could
    definitely have done better if I had not followed DAMS notes for 2 – 3 subjects. The online platform of DAMS, the eMedicoz app often malfuctions a lot. It has some of the content which is never relevant to NEET PG preparation. That gives a disgusting feeling while using the app. Zero user experience taken care of.
  • Interviews of Toppers – I strongly believe that the interviews are 80% a lie and only 20% is truth whatever is told by the toppers. Never ever rely on the strategy of the “so called interviews of toppers”. They are trained first about what to speak in the interview and you know what they will speak about the institute.
  • To be honest, I shall never recommend DAMS coaching to any of the NEET PG aspirant.

DBMCI – Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute

Pros of DBMCI coaching

  • Faculty – Like any other institute DBMCI also has experts in each subject for every subject. Faculties are God like figures in this instiute like Dr. Thameem Saif for Medicine, Dr. Ashwani Kumar for Anatomy, Dr. Rajat for Radiology to name a few. They give their phone numbers to the students for interaction and query solving.Teachers are quite a lot interactive through facebook DBMCI group as well as they also interact quite a lot during live classes.
  • Lectures – A unique feature of DBMCI is that they have very concise and organised notes for every subject which are written by the students during live classes. So live classes, even if they have short duration of three days or so for a single subject seem enough for the size of notes taken down from the classes. And yes, this much amount of notes is enough to crack any entrance exam if used properly. One more great feature of DBMCI is the satellite classes which are even better than the live classes because these classes are taken over a period of one week for short subjects and for two weeks for long subjects. So this makes the understanding of the satellite classes more in depth and also note taking is more efficient and complete as there is no hurry.
  • Study Material – As far as class notes are concerned, DBMCI provides a good collection of subject wise notes. But, when it comes to DBMCI question bank, it fails badly because of questionable authenticity which is apparant while studying the books provided which is even more complicated by a number of printing mistakes in these books.
  • Online question bank is just awesome as there are very relevant questions with their full in depth explanation which is easy to understand. In short, online study material is inimitable for its quality while offline study material is very bad and not suitable to the needs of a NEET PG aspirant.
  • Student Support – The DBMCI student support is brilliant as there is a separate account on facebook from DBMCI which keeps on solving the questions as put by the student in a very reasonable time. moreover, the faculty of DBMCI is also rapid is answering the questions on facebook DBMCI group. Teachers often give their phone numbers and Email IDs to students so that they can contact whenevr required.

Cons of DBMCI coaching

  • Study Material – The offline study materia;l like question books and subject wise books are full of mistakes both technical as well as printing mistakes, this makes the reader frustrated and question of authenticity of the source arises. Sometimes it feels that study material provided by DBMCI is high quality but not complete. We miss a lot of topics.
  • Lectures – Live classes are not available in every city where there is Medical College.
  • Overall, DBMCI is a good coaching institute and I myself has attended test and Discussion course alongwith satellite classes and I pushed my Rank from 30,000 in NEET PG 2019 to 2300 in NEET PG 2020.

If someone wants to attend an offline coaching institute I will highly recommend him/her the DBMCI definitely over DAMS.


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