Resources for Medical Students | Best 10

Resources for Medical Students There are a plenty of resources for medical students the purpose of studies, speaking generally. A medical student must not confuse himself/herself regarding which source to follow for the purpose of studies, self improvement, diet and stress management etc. Being in a medical school, one has a large variety of offline resources like college classes, quiz competitions and group discussions etc AND there are even more confusing numbers of online resources like blogging websites, youtube lectures and various other websites providing some free and other paid lectures on various Subjects of Medicine right from Anatomy to … Read more

Healthy Food For Hostel Students | 8 Healthy Options

What are the options for Healthy Food For Hostel Students? Hostel life is a life that you get if you are very fortunate. Because you get a chance to move out of your home and comfort zone to get to know the world and experience the people outside. Not everyone gets to experience this beautiful period of life. Though, there are challenges that make you feel home sick and make you realise the importance of comfort and security that you get at your home. One of such challenges is the availability and quality of food that you get in the … Read more