How to Crack NEET PG in First Attempt

How to Crack NEET PG in first attempt Read more insights on How to Crack NEET PG in First Attempt in the sections below. How much Study is okay during preparation? How to Crack NEET PG in First Attempt? Studying 7-9 hours daily will serve your purpose if you are fully engrossed in your studies. Spending quality time with your books will lead to productive learning. Switch off your phone, close the door if required to ensure zero disturbance while you study. Revision is the key to success. “Revise Revise and Revise” Read more insights on How to Crack NEET … Read more

How to Prepare for NEET PG | Perfect Method

If you are a student of MBBS and you want to know How to prepare for NEET PG to pursue higher medical education i.e, MD or MS , you must first understand the NEET PG exam and must know the syllabus and also should know the examining body i.eb NBE and how it selects the appropriate candidates for precious Post Graduate Medical seats. If you want to learn the basics of NEET PG exam and some details of the paper and examination centres, mode of test etc., you can visit my article on the basic information of the test. After … Read more

What is NEET PG ? easy understand the topic

What is NEET PG ? NEET-PG stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test and is required for admission to postgraduate medical courses across various colleges in India. The NEET-PG is a computer-based test, administered online in January of every year by the National Board of Examinations (NBE). Eligibility Criteria for Taking the NEET-PG (what is neet pg) You need to fulfill the following eligibility criteria in order to qualify for the NEET-PG test: NEET-PG Testing Structure (what is neet pg) What Subject Areas are Tested on the NEET-PG? (what is neet pg) Registering for the NEET-PG The application form for … Read more

Prepladder vs Marrow? Which is better for you?

Prepladder vs Marrow :- Which is better? Pepladder vs Marrow. Prepladder and Marrow, both are leading online platforms for NEET PG coaching. Both the platforms despite sharing online mode of coaching are quite a lot different when given a closer look. Let’s see how are they different and which one suits your needs better. Prepladder vs Marrow: A review of Marrow:- Prepladder vs Marrow: A review of Prepladder:- Prepladder Rapid Revision Course is also very helpful to study all important questions in one one section in very less time.Revision is the most important part and prepladder videos are best for … Read more