Prepladder vs Marrow? Which is better for you?

Prepladder vs Marrow :-

Which is better? Pepladder vs Marrow.

Prepladder and Marrow, both are leading online platforms for NEET PG coaching. Both the platforms despite sharing online mode of coaching are quite a lot different when given a closer look. Let’s see how are they different and which one suits your needs better.

Prepladder vs Marrow: A review of Marrow:-

  • Prepladder vs Marrow is a heated topic on the internet. Let us know something about marrow.
  • Marrow is very extensive and exhausting platform with a very lengthy collection of lectures, detailed question bank and extensive notes.
  • Marrow covers almost every topic of every subject as far as curriculum of MBBS is concerned.
  • But, this makes it difficult to complete all the subjects in a period of one year. Hence, it is not suitable for Droppers and Interns who are starting afresh.
  • One does not need to follow any other source if he or she is already following Marrow.
  • Marrow has one of the finest faculties of India who are experts in their respective fields.
  • The most important aspect of Marrow is how appealing the app is to students, even when you don’t feel like opening any other textbook or notes. It is more engaging and you develop that interest in studying from it quite easily – according to Dr. Nishitha who secured AIR 7 in 2018.
prepladder vs marrow
This is screenshot of marrow pricing page showing different plans for NEET- PG

Prepladder vs Marrow: A review of Prepladder:-

  • Prepladder is a very cute online platform bcause it has relatively lesser amount of content but a very high yielding content.
  • One can easily complete prepladder in a period of one year.
  • The notes provided by Prepladder are the Best notes in the country because they are comapct, very well organised and hence, easy to remember.
  • Prepladder also has finest faculties of India who are experts in their field.
  • Despite being compact, prepladder notes are more than enough for cracking NEET PG.
  • It is very interesting to read and solve the questions because the app is very engaging to use.
  • It’s always updated with new changes – this feature is available with Prepladder on the first part. Marrow is a little sluggish in this aspect.
  • Prepladder Grand Tests are really good because these tests don’t contain any unnecessary information and they simulate real exam.
  • Marrow Grand Tests are very extensive and questions are based on topics which were never asked in the NEET PG exam making it unnecessary burden on the students.
  • For those who are working and preparing subsequently its best for them rather than hectic regular classes.
This is a screenshot showing Prepladder landing page. Pricing are not exposed on the Website.

Prepladder Rapid Revision Course is also very helpful to study all important questions in one one section in very less time.
Revision is the most important part and prepladder videos are best for revision in less time as you don’t have to read it. Prepladder is the best for getting a decent rank, the thing is that you have to stay motivated to use it for your good.

Tii now, you must have started getting glimpses of prepladder vs marrow. Here are some more details for furtherclarification. i have added a few reviews on the topic also for in depth analysis.

Prepladder vs marrow: Which one is better suited for you?

  • It all depends on which year you are.
  • If you are in First year, Second year, Third year Or even if you are in Fourth year, Marrow is better for you because you will have enough time to study and complete all the topics given in this particular platform.
  • If you are in Fourth year, Intern or a dropper, Prepladder is better for you any given day because of the reasons explained above.

Here are some reviews from students who used Prepladder vs Marrow during their NEET PG Preparation :-

1.) I was a pro user of both marrow and prepladder during NEET PG preparation.

Marrow – Starting with videos, clinical subjects are good. Especially, surgery, gynobs, ENT, Opthalmology…they’re just awesome. Medicine is too lengthy. Short subjects are just okay except radiology which is great.

Prepladder – I watched complete videos of anatomy, pathology and medicine, and rapid revision for the rest (for medicine I watched only rapid revision before the exam, complete videos after the exam). Anatomy is just awesome. Pathology and Microbiology are not good. The other basic subjects are great. Short subjects and PSM are just adequate. Clinicals are good. There’s no replacement for Deepak Marwah sir’s medicine lectures.

In short, I can say, marrow may be good if you have enough time. But if you’re short of time, go for prepladder. My preparation time was only 6 months, of which I wasted 1 month experimenting. I used marrow from the beginning. But I believe it’s the last 2 months of preparation with prepladder that helped me get AIR 237 in NEET PG 2020 ( as I could revise only ENT, GYNOBS, OPHTHAL, and part of MICRO from marrow ).

A simple advice to all those preparing for NEET PG from my side… read something only if you’re sure you can revise it. And focus more on grand tests rather than qbank and subjectwise tests. Hope this helps. Good luck for your exams!

This was a very helpful review for prepladder vs marrow comparison. I hope you got some important points.

2.) A review from MedMRI

This review is given by a medical student of third year, read the aricle for some valuable information.

Dams and prepladder are good as compared to marrow. Marrow is tougher and a bit unrealistic when it comes to neetpg.

Even by end of internship I knew 4 things: anterior, posterior, medial and lateral. So kid time is here.

New teachers of prep are promising. Am already using their individual apps and they are great.

Prepladder faculties are more famous than d faculty members of marrow.
2nd ny famous faculty in marrow is more for advertisement than for delivering lectures… i’ll show you examples.
So I would suggest prepladder lectures plus marrow test series … I personally would not recommend marrow lectures.

Med MRI’s review was not that helpful in comparing Prepladder vs marrow. i must say without hesitation that they must work more to understand the difference in approach of these two different coaching institutes.

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